Fairy tales have always been an important source of inspiration for designers, photographers and advertisers. No need to read Bruno Bettelheim’s “The uses of enchantment” to see that their references to childhood and their symbolism echo more adult behaviours. This year, the little riding hood has becoming a fashion icon, far away from the innocent fairy tales we used to read.

Red Valentino fw2014 campaign

Red Valentino, Fall/Winter 2014-2015 campaign

Dolce and Gabbana AW2014

Dolce and Gabbana Fall/Winter 2014-2015 runway

Alice and Olivia FW2014 campaign

Alice and Olivia 2014-2015 Fall/Winter campaign

Nina Ricci 2012 campaign

Nina Ricci 2012-2013 campaign

Vogue September 2009Vogue, September 2009


Since he launched his own affordable fashion brand, “Karl”, in 2011, Karl Lagerfeld has been even more exposed in the media, until becoming a fashion icon. What a  360 change when you think that he was seen as a caricature of himself only a few years ago! The mystery that surrounds him – he refuses to disclose his true age and we know very little about his childhood and family -,  his unusual sense of humor and the fresh and innovative collections he designs for Chanel helped him to modify his image lately. In 2012, his collaboration with the Japanese makeup brand Shu Uemura was attended by all beauty gurus, while most fashion bloggers wear a Karl tee. Karl has become a trend, a fashion product that we need to display to prove that we are “à la mode”. A strange and difficult posture for our Chanel ambassador, which acts in contradiction with the famous “la mode passe, le style reste” (Gabrielle Chanel).


Tokidoki for Karl Lagerfeld, 2013 (pictures taken from and


Optic 2000, a French optician, recently set-up a game called “I want Karl’s sunglasses”, that allows participants to try to win a pair of Karl’s legendary sunglasses (


Karl Lagerfeld creating a buzz by wearing a “Karl Who?” bag, 2013


Last year, a friend of mine showed me a picture of a cat wearing a wig. At first, I have to admit that I couldn’t believe it! After a good laugh, I then discover that dressing up your pet was actually a new trend. Even the Huffington Post recently published an article called ” Dogs wearing pantyhose: Owners put tights on their canines in China“!

Glamourpuss, the enchanting world of kitty wigs, July Jackson and Jill Johnson, 2009

“Glamourpuss, the enchanting world of kitty wigs”, July Jackson and Jill Johnson, 2009

Huffington Post, 04.05.2013

Slidshare published on the webpage of the Huffington Post, 04 May 2013.

It is not something new as painters and illustrators have always been interested in the relationship between human people and their pet. One example would be the drawer Louis Wain, well-known for his  anthropomorphised large-eyed cats playing golf or smoking a cigar:

Cat with a Cigar, Louis Wain

Cat with a Cigar, Louis Wain, 1905.

More recently, it seems that the increasing number of fashion blogs led bloggers to find new ideas and concepts in order to attract audience. The blog Menswear Dog, created by the New-Yorker Dave Fung at the beginning of the year, has already attracted more than 500’000 visitors. During a Saturday afternoon, Dave and his girlfriend decided to dress up their shiba inu Bodhi with Ralph Lauren, Levi’s, Gant, Prada and other stylish vintage clothes. According to Rosanna Casper, guest blogger for the Bridal Guide website, cats and dogs are also invited to suit up for special events such as weddings…

Menswear dog

Menswear dog 2

Menswear dog 3 Menswear dog.4Pictures from the Meanswear Dog blog. (Dottie Photography)

Pictures from Bridal Guide online.

Cat café in Tokyo, psychologists for cats and dogs, spas and TV channels dedicated to pets… when a new Pet fashion week?

Jean-Charles de Castelbajac, A/W 2009 – Chloe Belle for Tush Magazine, September 2009 – Kermit, Hollywood Walk of Fame – MAC cosmetics, A/W 2011 campaign – Miss Piggy, Workout Album, 1982 – Baked Lay’s 1996 campaign – Miss Piggy for In Style magazine, October 2011