Karl Who?

Since he launched his own affordable fashion brand, “Karl”, in 2011, Karl Lagerfeld has been even more exposed in the media, until becoming a fashion icon. What a  360 change when you think that he was seen as a caricature of himself only a few years ago! The mystery that surrounds him – he refuses to disclose his true age and we know very little about his childhood and family -,  his unusual sense of humor and the fresh and innovative collections he designs for Chanel helped him to modify his image lately. In 2012, his collaboration with the Japanese makeup brand Shu Uemura was attended by all beauty gurus, while most fashion bloggers wear a Karl tee. Karl has become a trend, a fashion product that we need to display to prove that we are “à la mode”. A strange and difficult posture for our Chanel ambassador, which acts in contradiction with the famous “la mode passe, le style reste” (Gabrielle Chanel).


Tokidoki for Karl Lagerfeld, 2013 (pictures taken from http://www.karl.com and http://www.tokidoki.it)


Optic 2000, a French optician, recently set-up a game called “I want Karl’s sunglasses”, that allows participants to try to win a pair of Karl’s legendary sunglasses (www.jeveuxleslunettesdekarl.com)


Karl Lagerfeld creating a buzz by wearing a “Karl Who?” bag, 2013



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