Monthly Archives: February 2013

Last September, Benetton presented its new corporate campaign “Unemployee of the year”. Famous for its use of shock advertisements in its campaigns – don’t you remember the image of Pope Benedict kissing an Imam on the mouth – the textile firm always tries to underline issues such as  AIDS, war, racism, or anorexia. It is brilliant to see that, this time again, Benetton is drawing attention to a new type of shocking reality: unemployment.

Benetton_Unemployee of the year_2012 Benetton_Unemployee of the year_2012_2


The brand “Vlieger & Vandam” is another brilliant “marketing of the crisis” concept. Its bags were created to underline the growing violence and number of crimes covered in the media.

vlieger and vandam_2012 collection_2 vlieger and vandam_2012 collection