Fashionable patterns

Alighierto Boetti,  Everything, 1986-87 – Jasper Conran SS 2013 (London Fashion Week) – Vassily-Kandinsky-Concentric circles, 1913 – Marc Jacobs SS 2013 (NY Fashion Week) – Victor Vasarely, Vega, 1957  – Louise Gray SS 2013  (London Fashion Week, Backstage) – Gustav Klimt, Woman with fan, 1917-18 – Louise-gray-SS2013 (London Fashion Show) – Wolf Vostell, Grosse Sitzung mit Da, 1961 – Keith Haring, Pop Shop (Photo Charles Dolfi-Michels

Photos of fashion shows taken from, and

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  1. OMG…I looove your blog, I can´t keep from visiting it at least once a day! I also have a fashion blog, I´ll leave the link here in case you want to have look and see how much you inspire me on my posts! Kisses

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